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How to Write a Bibliography

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008
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A bibliography is a list of the resources(books, newspapers, magazines, webpages, etc.) that you have read or quoted while preparing your paper. It is usually placed at the end of your written piece of work.
There are several ways of organising you bibliography, but the most common one will be presented below.

  • The resources in your bibliography will be mentioned in alphabetical order, taking into account the author’s family name.
  • If the book has only one author, the order of the things that you must mention is this: author’s family name, author’s first name(separated by comma), title of the book(usually underlined and followed by a full stop), the name of the town/city/ country where the book was published(followed by a colon), the name of the publisher and the year when the book was published(separated by a comma).
  • If the book has two authors, their names are mentioned in this order: first author’s family name, first author’s first name( followed by”and”), second author’s family name, second author’s first name.
  • If the book has no authors, the title of the book will be the first mentioned.
  • If the resource is an article without an author, the first thing that you should mention is the title of the article and only after that the title of the book where you found the article.
  • If you want to mention an article with an author, the first thing mentioned is the author’s family name, first name(separated by a comma), name of article, name of magazine, the month, year when the magazine was published, number of page.
  • The order is the same if your resource is an article in a newspaper or magazine.
  • If you list an internet resource, the name of the author comes the first. Then you underline the title of the item that you used, the date when you accessed it and the address of the website.
  • Another thing that should be taken into consideration when you want to write a bibliography is to ignore titles, degrees that are usually mentioned before/ after the author’s name. What you should keep are words like Sr(Senior) or Jr(Junior) as they can refer to two different authors.
  • If the publisher is not mentioned, you can write n.p.(short for no publisher)
  • If no publication date is mentioned, you can write n.d.(no date)
  • If there are several years mentioned on that resource, you should list the most recent one.
  • If you use the information from the book, you don’t have to mention the number of the page where you found the information, but you must mention it if the information is taken from a magazine or newspaper.

Do not use Roman numbers instead of Arabic numbers, especially those used for the first pages in a book or volume numbers.
Of course, these are few tips to follow when you want to list your bibliography. There are many pieces of information on how to write a bibliogaphy on the internet and many sites offering professional help, such as .