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Essay Writing

Friday, August 15th, 2008
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Writing essays is not as simple as many people think as it requires a lot of hard work, time and patience. An essay illustrates the writer’s ability to analize, bring arguments and examples to sustain his/her opinions related to a given topic.
Most essays are written for academic audience, that is why you should choose formal style, which means you should avoid using slang, colloquial vocabulary, idioms, contracted forms.When evaluating an essay, the teacher will take into consideration the following: task achievement, language accuracy, register and vocabulary, organization, coherence, cohesion, layout and the overall effect of your essay.
Task achievement refers to the relevance to the given task and the coverage of the points required. You should avoid irrelevant details and unnecessary repetitions or imbalance, that is all points are covered but some of them are covered in little detail.
Language accuracy refers to grammar and spelling errors and the range of grammar structures. That is why you should check your essay several times before typing it.
Register and vocabulary refers to the writer’s wrong choice of style, to the use of contracted forms or the innapropriate choice of words/vocabulary. Avoid using simplistic vocabulary or very emotional language.
Organization, coherence, cohesion and layout section includes as the most typical mistakes an incorrect organisation of the essay, an abrupt ending or even no ending. Pay attention to the length of your sentences. They shouldn’t be too long or extremely complex. Do not use the same linking devices throughout your essay. Do not forget about the correct structure and paragraphing of an essay: introduction, body, conclusion.
A good essay produces a good overall effect on the reader, so use interesting personal statements and narrate incidents with interesting details. Too many quotes will make your essay less original. Be creative ! Be original ! If you feel the need of professional help, there are a lot of sites on the internet, such as

How to Write an Essay

Friday, July 25th, 2008
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Most people find the task of writing an essay very difficult, but if you learn the technique, you will admit that it wasn’t as unpleasant and full of problems as you thought at the beginning. The purpose of the following lines is to teach those interested how to write an essay.
First of all, you should read a lot on the topic of your essay: go to the library, search on the internet, write down words, ideas that could help you later during the writing process.
Critically analyze other writers’ essays on the same topic. Take “for and against” notes, finding reasons, arguments, analyzing the strong points and the weak points of the writers’ ability to sustain their ideas with relevant arguments.Do not be a passive reader of those essays! Get involved, be active, think critically! The more you read, the better thinker you become. You will develop your abilities of analyzing, organizing your ideas, thinking clearly, which will later help you in your career and personal life.
Brainstorm ideas, make a list with words related to the topic. Write down any word that comes into your mind. Ask yourself as many questions as possible connected to the topic: “Why”,”What”,”Where”,”Who”,”When” etc. The above-mentioned techniques are usually called “prewriting techniques”. Their aim is to help you generate the raw material needed for writing you essay. After prewriting planning go to the next steps.
Prepare a scratch outline in which you mention your thesis, the exact point that you are going to develop in your essay and the items that will support that point. This is the moment when you organize the plan of your essay in a logical, clear, balanced manner. It is very important for you to develop the outlining skills as they help you make the difference between major and minor ideas, which is the key to successfully organizing an essay.
Start writing the essay! Write a first draft, change, add, rewrite it several times, so that you make sure you created a clear point supported by relevant details. Pay attention to the basic structure of an essay. The introductory paragraph states the topic, the central idea or thesis that you will later develop in your essay. In the first paragraph you may, or may not give your opinion, depending on the type of essay you are asked to write. In order to make the introduction as interesting as possible and get the reader’s attention, you may use different techniques: address the reader directly, start with a quotation, ask a rhetorical question, etc. The main body consists of several paragraphs. Each of them presents a separate viewpoint supported by reasons, examples, and justifications. Write well-developed, balanced paragraphs. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. Use transitional or linking words and phrases to help the reader follow your thoughts. In the conclusion in you may summarize the topic, making general comments or giving your opinion. It is as important as the introduction. Do not use informal style such as contracted forms(specific to oral language) or colloquial language. Avoid using strong language. Before typing your essay, check it repeatedly in order to find and correct the possible grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes.
These are only few tips on how to write an essay. If you still have doubts and questions, you may ask for professional help at

How to Find a Writer

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
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Writers are born and not made, applies to the genuine writers around the world. A good writer has a passion for writing and cannot keep him/herself away from writing. Writing ability and this ambition is in innate behavior of a writer. When searching for a good writer, you many find who claim they are good writers but in fact they may be not familiar with the qualities of a good writer. All business people, busy executives and students are involved in writing all the time. They have various assignments, projects, thesis, term papers, coursework and dissertation to write. Among these people, students especially, face a lot of trouble in finding the sources and relevant material. They also have more than one subjects and assignments to be done; so they become frustrated and start looking around for help.

Students, when try to find a writer, make various unsuccessful rather fetal attempts that can destroy their whole career. While looking for a writer students should know what does mean by a good writer. A good writer is a person who has:

  • High Qualification in his/her respective field
  • Natural flair for writing
  • Complete command on language and its use
  • Strong grip over grammar
  • Reasonable experience in writing
  • A broader knowledge base
  • Complete information about copyrights and plagiarism issues

Once you find a writer with these qualities then writing any task will not a problem. The difficulty is to find the writer who has all such abilities. offers quality writing services as it hires highly qualified, well experienced and motivated native English writers. WB writers are skilled enough to write on any possible topics. If you are thinking on how to find a writer, visit and place your order with confidence. You will get best quality of writing and ideal customer care.

How to Get Good Grades in Semester

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
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Students often get trouble in getting grades during semester system. When it comes to writing an essay, a term paper or a thesis the problem is worsen. During these phases of depression and problem students need to have a reliable and trustworthy source that could assist them in writing a good paper. For such a question how to write my paper; students visit differnt persons and sources. Many companies offer such academic support to needy students but very few companies understand the real needs of students of students. One of the reliable companies that offer completely original and plagiarism free papers to its customers is

Company has qualified and experienced writers from different subject areas. Special plagiarism detection softwares are used after manual editing and quality checking of projets then these are sent to the customers. offers unlimited revisions on college essay, term paper, dissertation, course work and assignment.

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How to Write an Essay

Monday, May 26th, 2008
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During academic sessions, students face many difficulties including different mood swings and academic challenges. Being young and energetic, they are also experimental and they try to cope with all challenges at their own. Despite their willingness to face challenges, when it comes to write an essay in any form; they look around for any possible help and guidance that is unfortunately not available in many cases. Most students, in their initial career do not know how to write an essay. They feel blockage in ideas and cannot produce any good essays with their best efforts. Students must remember that writing an essay requires a little set of efforts and skills.
First thing you need to write an essay is, ‘your willingness’ to write an essay. Unless you are determined to write an essay, you cannot write an essay. It is the bitter reality of life that many students lack ambition and willingness to make academic efforts.
Secondly, you need a pen and paper to write an essay. Ask yourself the question that how to write an essay. Your brain will give you some clues and points on how to write an essay; just list down these points on paper in front of you. These points are your basic guideline for writing an essay on any topic.
After this, you should start with the main idea, define the topic of essay, explain why you want to write an essay (reason, logic, parameters etc.). This is your initial paragraph of essay. Explain the next steps in a sequence and try to link all these in an easy to follow and understand way. If you are not sure how to write an essay and writing an essay is seemingly a tough task for you, just try these steps and you will be an expert in writing an essay and you will guide your fellow students on how to write an essay. Meanwhile you can get the benefit of quality custom writing services and place your order of any type of essay with by clicking here.