How to write essays on books

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An essay on books, most commonly named book review, is a description of a book.

Here are some guiding lines on how to write essays on books.

The style you should use when writing essays on books is either formal or informal.The choice depends on the readers it is addressed to.

A good essay on books should consist of:

1. A one-paragraph introduction in which the presentation of the characters, setting, etc, in short-the background information-, is done in several sentences that attract the reader’s attention;

2. A body, usually made up of three paragraphs, in which the writer gives the main supporting points of the plot presented in time sequence.Each supporting paragraph should begin with a topic-sentence which provides the focus for that paragraph.A good main body should also include comments on plot, character development, etc

3. A one-paragraph conclusion in which the writer recommends or does not recommend that book. Do not forget to support your opinion with arguments !

When writing a good essay on books, the writer should try to avoid some of the most common mistakes: irrelevant details, unnecessary repetitions, or some points being covered in less detail than others.

Pay attention to language accuracy: grammar or spelling mistakes, or the choice of a narrow range of grammar structures say a lot about the student’s writing abilities.

Students also lose points if they use simplistic vocabulary or do not choose the correct register considering the type of the book, the situation, the reader.

Last but not least, the organization, cohesion, layout, topic sentences are very important things to take into consideration when starting to write essays on books.

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