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How to Write a Business Plan

Friday, August 1st, 2008
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Many people think of opening their own business and they think of making a practical plan. Some times students in business classes are also required to write a business plan. In both of the cases very few know how to write a business plan. How to write a business plan can be answered in a simple way. A business plan is like a compass, used for showing the right direction. If you plan ahead, you have more chances to achieve your purposes by using your time, effort and money in a clear, well-defined way.If you want to be successful, you must revise your business plan from time to time, as you cannot foresee the difficulties you will confront yourself with.
The problem is not havaing and following the business plan. Major issue is finding how to write a business plan. When business people and students knwo how to write a business plan, the whole plan becomes very easy. Ideally a good business plan will show you the strong points and the weak points in your business. It will help you to exploit the strengths and make use of the opportunities. It will also show you how to overcome future difficulties.
Wether you are a student or a business man, if you are interesting in writing a business plan you must write in a professional manner. When searching for how to write a business plan, pleasae do not avoid asking for advice, especially from specialists in the field. They can help you save a lot of precious time and effort.Do not forget to establish the clear purpose and aims of the business.Write your CV and send it to the persons you are going to involve in your business, such as investors, bankers and good custom writing companies. Ask as many questions as possible about the products/services you are going to sell/offer, or include in your business plan. The possible customers, ways of attracting and keeping them as your permanent customers, the prices of your products/ services, advertising strategies, the financial needs to start your business and to develop it later, financial sources, the equipment you are going to use etc. For writing a business plan, hire only those people that possess the necessary qualities and skills for your business.You should also establish a plan of action which will include the priorities, timetables, persons in charge with every action. The main purpose of the above mentioned ideas is to make people who want to start a business of their own aware of the importance of a clear, concise business plan. When it comes to how to write a business plan, never compromise on quality and always buy the trusted and professional services. You can get the best custom writing supporting while writing a business plan from

How to Write a Letter

Thursday, July 31st, 2008
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Going on holiday, attending a festival, organizing a party with your friends or a reunion with your classmates, trying to find a new job, visiting foreign countries, buying things which soon after broke, are only few reasons for writing letters.
There are many other situations in our life when we have to write letters, that’s why there is a wide range of letters: letters of complaint, of invitation, of apology, of application, of request etc
The following lines are meant to give you a general idea about how to write a letter of any kind. Of course, each type of letter is written for a specific reader and with a well-defined purpose. As a result, the letter may be personal or written with the aim of being published in a magazine, for example.
Writing a letter to the manager of a company is not the same with writing a letter to a friend, relative or a person that you know well. In the first case you will write a formal letter, in the second case you will write an informal letter.
Any letter should consist of:
1) A greeting: Dear+ first name-for friendly letters. You use Dear Sir/ Dear Madame-for formal letters when you do not know the name of the person you are writing to. When you have to write a formal letter and you know the name of the person you are writing to, the greeting is: Dear Mr/ Mrs + surname.
2) An introduction: in which you specify the reason/s for writing that letter.
3) A body: in which you develop the subject and sustain your point of view with arguments.
4) A conclusion: in which you sum up the subject presented in the body.
5) An ending- in case of formal/official letters you will use Yours faithfully/ Yours sincerely/ Sincerely yours + full name; in case of friendly/ informal letters you will use Love/ All my love/Best wishes/ Yours + first name.
When you have to write a letter, also pay attention to the very different characteristics of formal and informal styles: the greeting is either formal or informal, depending on the type of letter. The use of idioms, colloquial language, abbreviations is met only in friendly letters. In an official letter you will always use complex sentences, no abbreviations, non-colloquial language.
Passive voice is especially used in formal letters.
Both formal and informal letters should be made up of distinctive paragraphs, each dealing with only one idea.
Do not use strong opening or closing remarks. It is better for you to use mild language.
When writing a letter of complaint, do not forget to support your complaints with relevant arguments/ justifications.
Make use of appropriate linking words and phrases to connect your ideas in that letter.
Read your letter again and again in order to find and correct the possible spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes.
In case you are too busy with you everyday program and do not have time for writing a very good letter, you can use specialized help on how to write a letter, like the one offered by

How to write a good MBA essay

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
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Why is the MBA essay so important? Because the MBA application essay is the only guide which offers the admission officers clues about the student’s personal and professional skills.

The following tips for writing a successful MBA essay are offered by specialised writers at and are meant to teach students who are taking part in different academic programs how to write a good MBA essay.

  1. Think about the reason/s you want to apply for that domain. Brainstorm ideas and write them down;
  2. Think of some special skills, unique qualities that you have and which may help the admission officers choose you and not the other applicants;
  3. Clearly show that your directions and goals are based upon your personal experience;
  4. Be aware of the language you use ! If you want to make use of technical language, be careful as one single mistake will make the reader think that you are ignorant;
  5. Do not forget about the structure and layout of your MBA essay: an engaging opening, a well-balanced body in which the points presented are supported by reasons and examples, and a closing paragraph which should create a lasting effect on the reader;
  6. Use a semi-formal style. Pay attention to grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes;
  7. Be creative and original ! Admission officers are not interested in reading cliches as they have already read them in thousands of other MBA essays.Writing about your unique experiences may impress the officers and you will manage to keep their attention from the very beginning to the last line of your MBA essay.

If you find all these tips of how to write a good MBA essay too difficult to follow,or if you do not have enough time due to your hectic program and you need to have a well-written MBA essay, we will be very glad to offer our help at Don’t hesitate to contact WB for any essay problems! For academic assistance and help in writing your essay, project,assignment or thesis, please visit