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Research Papers

Research Paper Writing Service

WritingBest offer unique and unmatched research paper writing service to its clients around the globe. WritingBest is admired for its plagiarism free 100% unique contents. We assist you in writing research papers and provide you necessary guidance to enable you complete quality research paper. Research paper plays an important role in the grades of students, professional grooming and personal growth and one must take care of  research work and proper methodology, writing style and practical guidance must be considered in such cases. WritingBest offers you all assistance in writing research papers and guides you to get maximum academic benefits.

Some of commonly written research paper categories at WritingBest are:


Research Papers on American Literature

Catharine Maria Sedgwick Edgar Allan Poe
Hannah Webster Foster Harriet Beecher Stowe
Henry David Thoreau Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Jack London Nathaniel Hawthorne
William Faulkner Toni Morrison
Ralph Waldo Emerson Washington Irving

Research Papers on Art and Crafts

Art Censorship Art Forgery
American Art Art History
Roman Portrait Sculpture Art Therapy
Islamic Art and Its Roles & Dynamics Aesthetics, Psychology, and Cognition
Anthropology of Art Monet and Impressionism
Art and Religion Art in Third Reich
Islamic Calligraphy Asian & European Artists
Aztec and Mayan Art Art of Ancient Greece
Abstract Expressionism Carolingian Art
Baroque Art Edgar Degas
English Abstract Art Victorian Architecture
Rococo Period Surrealism
Stone Age Art Romanesque Art

Research Papers on Business

Business Cycles Business Statistics
Business in Great Britain Business Forecasting
Business and Politics Marketing
Division of Labor and Society Business Alliances
Business Communication Business in Japan
Business Ethics Small Business
Small Business Strategic Procedures Developing Human Resources

Research Papers on British Literature

William Shakespeare George Eliot
Agatha Christie Charles Dickens
Edmund Spenser Geoffrey Chaucer
Henry Fielding Robert Burns
John Milton Samuel Johnson
Sir Walter Scott Laurence Sterne
William Blake Robert Louis Stevenson
William Congreve George Bernard Shaw

Research Papers on Case Studies

Motivation Role of Modern Technology 
Motivation and its Impact Change Management

Research Papers on Communication & Media Issues

Communication Culture Media & Society
Communication Perspective and Principles Discrimination & Communication

Research Papers on Computer Technologies

Computer Culture Computer Ethics

Research Papers on Culture

Language & Culture Japanese Culture
Chinese Business Culture Asian Culture
Indian Culture UAE & Arabian Culture

Research Papers on Economics

Economic Growth Foundations of Economics
Adam Smith Freedom of Competition
Economy of Learning and  Motion Economics and Natural Resources
Economic Activities Geographic Specialization of
Governmental Monopoly Keynesian Economics
Japanese Economics Marxist Economics
Monopolism Money, Gold and Inflation
Pro-capitalist  & Pre-capitalist Economics Political Economy and State Security
Division of Labor The Role of Wealth

Research Papers on Education

American Education Reform Education in Britain
Education for Special Children Dyslexia and Learning Together
Learning inabilities and Disabilities Distinguished Role of Motivated Teachers in Students' Performance
The Value of Education Education in Third World

Research Papers on Environmental Issues

Global Warming Impact of Green Houses
Fuel Emissions and Environment Melting Poles & Human Impact
Ozone and Its Damage Protecting Environment

Research Papers on Finance

International Finance IMF & Financial Institutions
Marxism and Finance Financing Globalization

Research Papers on Geography

Cultural Geography Changing Global Geography
Geography & Political World Geography and Business

Research Papers on Health and Medical 

Attention Deficit Disorder Drug Abuse
Anxiety Disorders Leisure
Health Care Policy American Health Care System
AIDS Genetic Engineering
Addiction Abortion
History of Medicine Aging
Deafness Autism
Alzheimer's Disease Cocaine
Medical  and Surgical    Education Human Experimentation in Medicine
Eating Disorders Language Disorders
Substance Abuse Stem Cell Research
Health Education Euthanasia
Health Psychology Transplantation
Marijuana Medical Ethics
Under nutrition Transgenics
Environment Influence on Health  

Research Papers on History

Muhammad (PBUH) Jesus the Christ 
American History Ancient Egypt
Caesar's Legions Ancient Babylon
Caius Julius Caesar Athens
Economics of Roman Empire Alexander the Great
Egyptian Religion Egyptian Pyramids
Emperor Vespasian Fertile Crescent
Sparta Marian Reforms
Peloponnesian War Religions of Roman Empire
Greco-Persian Wars Gallic War
Roman Architecture History of Babylonia
Joan of Arc Roman History
Sulla Pharaoh
Romanization & Hellenization  

Research Papers on Internet

Censorship & Internet History of Internet
E-Commerce Internet and Business
Good and Bad use of Internet Role of Internet in Development

Research Papers on Media

Influence of Media on Globe Media and Social Justice
Media and Media People Freedom of Media
Research Papers on Politics
International Politics Culture of Politics
Changing Global Politics Global Political Players
Political Forces in World American Politics
European Politics Politics of Power

Research Papers on Psychology

Alfred Kinsey B.F. Skinner
Child Behavior Therapy Child Maltreatment
Abraham Maslow Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Abnormal Psychology Anxiety Disorders
Aggression Anna Freud
Affect Child Psychology
Children and Psychotherapy Children and Divorce
Eating Disorders Consumer Behavior
Problems of Puberty and Sex Roles Delinquency and Criminal Behavior
Pediatric Psychology Psychology of Carl Jung
Children with Grief Childhood Disorders
Child Psychopathology Family Psychology
Animal Psychology Individual Psychology
Memory and Amnesia Parenting
Attachment Theory School Problems
Consumerism Depression and Suicide

Research Papers on Sociology

Harlem Renaissance Division of Labor and Society
Native Americans Socialism vs. Capitalism
Drug Abuse Frederick Douglass
Affirmative Action Labeling Theory

Research Papers on World Literature

All Quiet on the Western Front Balzac
Robinson Crusoe The Bluest Eye
Till We have Faces Wild Swans
Gone with the Wind War of the Worlds
The Piano War and Peace